Shipping innovation

On 29 February 2008, Portsmouth City Council (owners of Portsmouth International Port) purchased MMD (Shipping Services) Ltd. The city’s ownership of MMD brings strategic benefits, allowing us to develop in-line with changes to the fruit importing business over the next 15-20 years.

Since 1989 significant investment has been made in developing our eight-hectare (22 acre) site, including new harbour cranes, container handling equipment, a unique produce scanning and tracking IT system, and the most recent addition, a £2.6million energy efficient, temperature-controlled warehouse opened in December 2011. The new warehouse boasts 3,750m² of floor space, taking the overall capacity of our facilities to 18,500 pallets.

We are full members of the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers, holders of the FONASBA Quality standard for shipbrokers and agents as well as the first South Coast port to obtain AEO status. We work to the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard.

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